People of Janpath - How Mompreneur Nikita juggles everything on her pl –

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People of Janpath - How Mompreneur Nikita juggles everything on her plate!

So as we always say - the only reason we have been able to run our little store sustainably and organically is thanks to the love that we have received from some amazing people we have met along the way. One of them is - Nikita. We've always been intrigued by her profile - she's a mom, she's a dentist, she has an amazing homegrown venture and she's always on the move. We had to ask her, how she does it all! Here's our chat: 


Nikita is wearing our Moti Dulhan Haar
Nikita is wearing our Moti Dulhan Haar (click here to view)
First up, Nikita - we gotta ask you! What all do you pack in a day?

Heya! So okay, I am a trained dentist but now I have started organising mother and child group trips, and hence have decided to devote my time to this passion project for now. (Nikita's venture - @travelwithkids_india) This happened when I became a mother and realised how most mothers shy away from travelling because of a million reasons.

I am a Rajasthani who grew up in Gujarat, now living in Bangalore, and totally in awe of the rich culture of India. So travel and love for travel, really - is a BIG part of my life!

Nikita is wearing our Blossom Basic Necklace (click here to view)

Wow okay! So what does a day in your life look like, with so much packed into it?

My day as a mom begins with the morning rush, kitchen chores, that segway into the time where I work on my upcoming trips being organised, into an evening which I solely spend with my son!

How does fashion (and our beauties, *cough* *cough*) come into the picture? The way you lovingly curate the best of our collections - we can see you have a real passion for it. Tell us something about it!

I love to dress. I am that person whose boyfriend/husband always looks underdressed 😀
I like to explore different styles, outfits, combinations. It might or might not work , you might or might not spot me in it again.
Having grown up in Gujarat, and thoroughly enjoying the dandiya nights during Navratri, I have always had a liking for chunky jewellery pieces . So thankful to have found you!

Gujarat is genuinely such a treasure trove of beauties! We cannot wait to add more and more of these beauties to our store as well. Okay then, tell us something - there are a bunch of younger folks on the store & you seem like someone who's really created a way of life that she likes. What helped you do it? What is the one piece of advice you have for our #peopleofjanpath?

When it comes to choosing a career, I think more often than not, it's critical to self-examine and really understand what you would be happy doing, day in & day out. Most jobs and careers require that. So I'd say, for women especially - really really listen to your gut. Do not ignore what you feel about a career, a job, a workplace. 

You are wiser than you think you are.


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