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Meet The Beard Queen | People of Janpath

Does it happen to you as well? Amidst the mindless scrolling on Instagram; you suddenly stop. And double down on one piece of content, that seems a little more than, well - content. 

Vivek Ghosh in Sitaara, the Mirror Work Choker Set and Chaar Chawanni Ring

It has soul. It seems like art. It's original, it's beautiful. The creator seems to have gone beyond the unsaid "brief" on social media. About conforming to society and on top of that, to the Instagram algorithm. It captivates you.

We felt that way when we came across Vivek aka The Beard Queen. In his profile, we saw a splendid blend of beauty, fashion. We also saw a loud and clear personal statement. The best part - he was fascinated by our beautiful handmade beauties as much as we were, by him.

So we really had to get into a short little conversation with him. All while he styled our beauties in his own unique style. Whenever we collaborate with someone - our brief is always - there is no brief. Let your beautiful mind set the rules and let's see where that takes us. 


Vivek Ghosh in Sitaara, the Mirror Work Choker Set and Chaar Chawanni Ring

So grab a cup of coffee and let's meet Vivek: 

Take us to the very beginning, Vivek. Where are you from and where do you want to be ?

I was born in North Bengal, I’ve spent my entire life in Siliguri so far. The city that captivates my imagination - is Kolkata. I want to live there for the rest of my life. The beauty, the art, the fashion - I want to absorb every single thing!


We're not surprised! It's such a beautiful and splendid city, isn't it? And as small town kids ourselves, we totally get the yearning for something bigger and better. But tell us - who inspires your style?

It's the strangest thing. It's never one person for me. It's always the most random of people that spark inspiration in me. I absorb inspiration from multiple people - their Instagram, cut-outs from magazines (I love magazines!). All those ideas eventually come and become a concept in my head.

And you know, I can tell you very honestly that I am in a way, my own style inspiration. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror - I am inspired. I am inspired to create, to develop looks.


Vivek Ghosh in Moti Dulhan Haar and Jaipuri Ghoonghroo Haathphool 

Are you a clothes person or a

jewellery person? Do you centre your looks around jewellery?

Jewellery for me, is the one element that can go just about anywhere. It's a very important element of my confidence, my love for making myself look beautiful.

Considering how visual you are, in your inspirations, tell us about movies that inspire your sense of style and fashion.

Granduer inspires me. Indian fabrics, dance and music really fires up my imagination. Devdas, Bajirao Mastani and Padmavat are always with me, to fire up my imagination.

It shows! Now finally - tell us, Vivek. Are you enjoying your life right now and what do you see yourself doing in a few years time? So we can manifest you get it and love it once you do.

Well, what I can tell you with certainity that I am living a little bit of my dream through my work. I love that I get to meet people - likeminded ones, different ones and I get to form relationships with them as well. Like ever since I came across your page as well, I have been just waiting to style myself in your beauties. I love the anticipation, the creation and seeing peoples' reaction to what I create. The whole experience is tremendous.

I want to evolve from creating looks to being a fashion designer. That's the dream I am manifesting.

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