We Are Hiring!

At JanpathOnline, we are looking to build a team of people enthusiastic, driven and passionate about building an Indian brand enabled by Indian Artisans. We are looking for individuals that espouse values of :

1. Doing work you're proud of

2. Bring vocal about what you want

3. Passion about ethical and sustainable businesses 

We are based out of Bangalore and are looking for people who can work out of our office (unless specified otherwise). Most importantly - we are looking for passionate folks who are ready for a bootstrapped 0 to 1 journey with us, to build a brand that will last beyond our lifetimes. Below are a few skills we are currently lacking - if you fill any / all of them, drop us an email with the following details and expect a reply in 2 days.

-> Your resume (no format necessary, but be as detailed in the activities you learnt the most in / enjoyed the most)

-> 5 things you like in what we're doing (as detailed as possible)

-> 5 things you wish we would do differently (mince no words)

-> Any hobby project / side gig / design portfolio you have 

-> Why you are suited for the skills you are applying for (can be more than 1, we are open to structuring roles accordingly)

Skills We Are Looking For: 

1. Social Media Content 

generating engaging content, owning the social media calendar, looking to expand reach via paid and unpaid channels

2. Photography / Video Editing Skills 

we want to expand to channels other than our current ones, we are looking to massively improve the scale and quality of what we're doing as well

3. Operations

packaging, shipping orders, managing a team of 2 people to make sure customers receive orders quickly and open it with a smile on their faces. Prior experience in a fashion e-commerce will be preferred for this one. 

4. Business Development

help us get listed on platforms resonating with our customers, help us be visible in the best boutiques in our favourite cities. expand our reach inorganically.

5. Customer Service 

responding to customer queries, helping build tools that will make sure no query / suggestion goes unanswered. Prior experience in customer service will be preferred for this one. 

Write to us at janpathonline@gmail.com. Expect a reply in 2 days from us.