The Night Sky  | The Rainbow Necklace | Colorpop

The Night Sky | The Rainbow Necklace | Colorpop

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Each Rainbow necklace - made of a combination of stunning colored agate stones or the most stunning cut stones is One of a Kind. This is the kind of necklace that is going to be your absolute BFF ~ you can style her in any way or form you would want - with the most stunning combinations of color - choose the one that makes you fall in love the best!


Colorpop has been one of the edits closest to my heart. It's always been a dream of mine to bring to you beautiful pieces that work for all your clothes when you want to create a chic, simple & poppy jewellery. All of it, made by artisans in Jaipur. This time, we've got you - stone work necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets & earrings.

The idea of Colorpop is keeping it simple and wearing a few meaningful and classic pieces of jewelry that are going to last a really long time is the way to go. Also, less is more! 

Don't doubt, all your favorite pieces are here.

Timeless pieces to wear in the evening or all day, with jeans or a dress, these pieces are designed to dress you from morning to night.