Satrangi Hasli  // Statement One of a Kind Necklace

Satrangi Hasli // Statement One of a Kind Necklace

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They are beautiful, they are skillfully crafted! Best part? They are upcycle and they are One of a Kind!

Our stunning One of a Kind April '22 edit has 40 exquisite quality tested beauties -each one a beautiful one-piece-in-each-design edit that has been co-created with a lovely artisan family in Jaipur.

What has been done, is bits and pieces from unsold pieces (some ours, some theirs!) has been adapted, redesigned and repurposed, with druzy stones and non-precious glass cuts to create some absolutely stunning statement pieces which we absolutely love!

So here's hoping you love these as much as we do - so we can make sure we slowly work towards a world where none of the pieces created so lovingly by artisans have to be wasted!