Collection: Jaipur Ke Rang // Handpainted & Meenakari Jewellery from Jaipur

Our dream of what we want to build at JanpathOnline is the best of handcrafted, handmade jewellery seeped in Indian traditions, made by Indian artisans and worn by a community that loves these beauties as much as we do !

In building this, we have now started to work with more and more artisans and provide a channel for them to reach lovely ladies such as yourself 💜

The best way for us to understand whether you love the version of their art, that we do - is to experiment ! So show you examples of what we love and then turn these into ranges and lines that will grow and grow 💜✨

So who’s ready to show some love to a beautiful and inspiring family from the lanes of जयपुर that have been making stunning and beautiful jewellery for generations ✨
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