Every Annoying Thing We Did During The Lockdown

1. Made Dalgona Coffee 

This one is all Sheetal. Why we went a little berserk over phenti hui coffee which our Moms have forced us to anyway make since we were kids is a little beyond comprehension- but hey! 2020 made us do it

2. Zoom Called our (only) other friend a bazillion times 

Our long suffering and quite legitimately fed-up friend, Anusha bore an onslaught of midnight zoom calls from us. Remember that phase, of completely random zoom calls? When everyone would get on a call, tell everyone else how they had no updates in any case. And then *crickets*

3. Oiled our Hair every 3rd day 

You know when you take absolutely no care of yourself? And then you have some time on your hans - so your overdo "self care" to point of hating the smell of hair oil? That.






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