About JanpathOnline


Hello There!

JanpathOnline is a tiny team of two.

Anytime someone asks us why we run JanpathOnline, we have a simple answer : We love to talk, shop & make people smile.

We love walking through tiny lanes, bargaining for the most lovely pieces and then seeing them on pretty, happy faces. So we thought, why not bring these beauties to the world? And our little shop on Instagram was born in June ’17

As we kept going, we came across more and more people- across ages and geographies, that loved our curation and blessed us with their kind words. What they also loved was the way we told the story of finding every small pick- so was born our small site. Find our handpicked beauties here and also some tales we pick up across the way.

We love storytelling and we love bringing people things they love- we’re sure you’ll find something you love too, on JanpathOnline! 🙂


Deeksha & Sheetal

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