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Veena’s memories of her Kashmiri Silk Saree

The story of a Kashmiri Saree withΒ Veena Munshi, age 58, New Delhi.
Veena Munshi_1

JO : That’s a lovely colour, Veenaji, what is the occasion ?
VM: (laughs) It’s my 34th wedding anniversary. Isn’t it the perfect saree for the occasion? 😊It’s a very old saree though. Lots of memories.
JO: It is! Do you remember when you bought it?
VM: Of course! It was in the year 1999, and I bought it from Polo Market in Srinagar. I remember it so distinctly because ’99 was whenΒ the valley became safe enough for me to venture out, by myself to shop. It was a liberating feeling, and maybe that’s why this saree means so much to me. It brings back the memories of that day, of stepping out on the road, by myself. I was still a little scared, but I knew I couldn’t sit in the house forever. So yes, this saree is special. 😊

Veena Munshi_2
Veenaji’s beautiful saree

JO: Wow. Tell us something about this saree and this style, please. 😊

VM: Well, it’s a Kashmiri silk saree and has hand embroidered thread work all over it. Kashmiri silk is actually one of the purest silk you’ll find anywhere in the country. In fact, to be honest, this saree was totally over budget for me. But then, I really wanted something this beautiful in my wardrobe. 😊

Veena Munshi_3
The hand-embroidered thread work on Veenaji’s saree

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